Bizarro World – Time Names Bernanke "Person of the Year"

I think I’ve already covered why Ben “Person of the Year” Bernanke should not be lauded for helping to abate (note: abate – not eliminate or solve!)  the pain from the crisis he helped create, so I’ll simply say that our society has become a satire of itself.  If some alien race were watching us right now, they’d surely be laughing.
Bernanke analogies include: Rewarding the Captain of the Titanic for getting everyone off the sinking ship after he rammed it into an iceberg.    Rewarding a doctor for sewing your leg back on after he accidentally amputated it.   Rewarding someone for putting out a fire in your burning house after they set it.  Rewarding someone for cleaning up a pile of crap on your floor after they took it.
Leave your own favorite Bernanke analogy in the comments.

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