Are You Sure That’s What You Meant? Bull Semen Edition

So I was sitting on the crapper reading a hard copy of  Modern Farmer, because, well, that’s just what I do.   I noticed this little article and I can’t figure out if it’s some sub-editor’s idea of a joke, or if it’s a disastrous editing error in the “I don’t think that’s what you meant” category…  It looks like this:



Ummm… really?   Did you catch the blue-highlighted subquote:

“Bull sperm price, strangely, has nothing to do with taste.”

Come on….  It turns out they’re talking about the taste of the meat of the eventual offspring, but I felt like I was click-baited Business Insider style (despite the fact that I was reading a hard copy magazine), as my eyes eagerly jumped to this story to find out more about the fascinating guy who had apparently been sampling bull semen for flavor and rating it for value.   Fortunately (I guess), no poor sap existed.

For those keeping score, this is indeed the third post I have written about bull semen….   I am guessing that I am still the only blogger on your reading list bringing you quality bull semen updates…  Altucher? Brown? Roche? RitholtzParets?  pfooey

and of course:


Why is bullish for Amazon

So You Need a Place to Store Your Holstein Semen?


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