Is Anyone Calling the CFTC This Morning About This Blatant Gold Manipulation?

I can’t be the only one who saw this, right?  take a look at the early morning gold chart from 3am EDST:


Disgusting, right?  Those evil manipulators came in during the illiquid hours after 3:30am and bombed gold with unbacked paper contracts, driving the price down.   Not content with the havoc they had unleashed, the evil cartel was back just after 6am, to unleash another barrage just as many of us were waking up.

Ummm. sorry – my producers are whispering in my ear that I actually got my chart flipped upside down… my bad.  Here’s the actual corrected chart of gold from this morning:


So, uhhh – nothing to see here, right?  We don’t complain when gold goes up…

If you still don’t get it, see my prior sarcastic post on the subject


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