And We’re Back

I’m back from Vegas and will get to the trip reports in short order.

New readers might not realize that this blog started as a poker blog, where I’d post my session recaps for my buddies to read.   Eventually, as our poker educations progressed, we (at least I) got to the point where there just wasn’t much point in posting poker hands anymore, as each hand was “it depends” – on the player, situation, etc – and I was playing in a regular game where I thought that I had a very good understanding of the meta-dynamics at play which determined my actions.

Anyway, my vegas trip reports have always been a popular read on my blog, and they never fail to make me laugh as I reread them, but that’s a bit unfair, because I was there and can appreciate the stories better than I can describe them, even though I always do my best to try to put you, the reader, at the scene.

Read up on the old trip reports to get ready for the latest batch:

Kid Dynamite’s Vegas Trip Reports.


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