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As I recover from a marathon weekend of maple syrup making (3 1/2 gallons of finished product!)…

The NY Times has a lengthy and pretty decent write-up about one of online poker’s Young Guns, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates.  I loved the sentence:  “The gospel of E.V. that keeps the poker hierarchy in order was shaken,” and I also thought this comment from Cates nails an essential trait that today’s Young Guns of Poker share:

“Most of us young kids who play at nosebleed stakes don’t really have any clear idea about the actual value of the money we win or lose,” Cates says. “Most of us see the money more as a points system. And because we’re all competitive, we want to have the highest score. But really, we don’t know what making $400,000 or losing $800,000 means, because we don’t have families or whatever. This blind spot gives us the freedom to always make the right move, regardless of the amount at stake, because our judgment isn’t clouded by any possible ramifications.”

I played a lot of poker in NYC before I moved to New Hampshire, but I also knew that I could never be as good as I should have been because, despite my solid financial footing, I wasn’t willing to lose huge sums – if that makes sense.  As the late Amir Vahedi used to say: “You have to be willing to die in order to live,” but I wasn’t willing to go broke, and that’s why I never won as much as I could have.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Related:  $WYNN announces a partnership with Pokerstars.

Switching gears:  the story of 13 year old kids being charged with disseminating child pornography because they forwarded a “sext” message containing a nude picture of a classmate is surreal/troubling/insert your own adjective here.  I mean – child porn?  Come on.  Several NY Times commenters accurately pointed out that this is a case of cyber-bullying, if anything.

I’ve been pondering the philosophical hypothetical: If I’d had a cellphone in 8th grade, would I have sent pictures of my dong to the girls I liked?  I like to think that the answer is “no,” but who knows, after all, there’s Brett Favre.   I believe it was Notorious B.I.G who once said “Mo’ technology, mo’ problems.”  Or maybe that was Warren Buffett – I can’t remember. In any case, I hope that by the time I have a teenage daughter there will be technology that makes it so that cameras don’t work if they’re pointed at nude body parts. (great biz plan – run with it, readers – parental blocks for cameras!).  We just need to implement the Jerry Seinfeld “I think I see a nipple” recognition logic:



Shifting gears again:

Jose Canseco substituted his twin brother, Ozzie, at a celebrity boxing appearance.  Not since Jean Claude Van Damme in Double Impact (look it up) has there been such a “There’s TWO of ‘dem!” moment:

“Ozzie, who has subbed in for Jose at autograph signings in the past, never fought in his brother’s place Saturday and received a police escort out of the nightclub.”

Amazingly, Jose thinks the promoter is in the wrong here:

“Jose took his side of the fight to the Internet on Saturday, posting on Twitter, “Be very careful with Damon feldman who runs celebrity boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him.””

Ahhhh. Sweet Canseco memories…. (yes – that’s the classic trip report when I stacked Canseco’s girlfriend at Mirage 1-2 NLHE, and Big Show snapped a picture of Jose)


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