2014 Year In Review – My Favorite Posts

Here are my favorite posts (from my own blog) from the past year.  I didn’t blog as much this year, but I think I got down at least a few things worth reading:


Hindsight Capital:  a look inside second guessing one’s own trading decisions

Confirmation Bias – Ariad Pharma Edition:  I still think (avoiding) confirmation bias is the most important concept an investor or trader can learn.


Why is JP Morgan’s Gold Dominance Plunging? – the reality behind an early 2014 goldbug meme


Who Drives the Price of Gold? : an entirely UN-sarcastic (for a change) commentary which should be essential reading for all gold traders/investors who read a non-stop stream of nonsense elsewhere.

Trading Rule #9 – Blame is for Losers:  Don’t make excuses…

High Frequency Trading: The Little Guy is the Big Winner:  probably the most important post I wrote this year, contra #IgnorantPopulistRage.   The posts linked within, from all over the internet, are of high quality as well.

There were also some Vegas Trip Reports in March.


some “proof by sarcastic counter-example” gold posts:

1) One Month of Gold Manipulation in Pictures

2) As Details of Gold Manipulation Come to Light, Price Action Makes More Sense


Why are We Still Canceling “Erroneous Trades”?  – This is the most important concept in the “debate” around high frequency trading.  It would be nice if one of the populist politicians throwing their hat into this ring could address this simple issue…


Gold Manipulation Continues Unabated: continued attempts at proof by sarcastic counter-example

Did You Hear About A.G. Schneiderman Going After Barclays’ Dark Pool?


two gold posts:

one again going for “proof by sarcastic counter-example”: Sources Call June 2014 “Worst Month in History of Gold Manipulation”

and another just clearly exposing ignorance:  A Case Study in Precious Metals Confirmation Bias


more on canceled trades: Why do Professionals Get Do-Overs?  Citadel Edition


A Historic Summer of Gold Manipulation:  if you don’t get the idea by now, you’re probably not going to get it.

Middle East Politics as A Metaphor for Chicken Pecking Order Dynamics: just read it… it will make sense


A Leveraged ETF Trading Flow Case Study: a relatively simple concept that I missed at first.

Did You Hear The One About the Early Release of SEC Filings?  Revisiting a concept I wrote about earlier in what I dubbed my “most important post of the year” above.   Sadly, this is the sort of stuff that populist politicians jump on, instead of the real issue: order cancellations, finding out who is sending “erroneous orders,” and penalizing them for their ineptitude.


Why I Love Dogs – They Forgive


A Chart: 1 month gold lease rate vs price of gold : look at this chart and then ask yourself why people make such a big deal about the GLR.

Consider Your Perspective: A Chart: Gold vs U.S. Debt: you should remember this concept any time you see almost *any* chart that originates on ZeroHedge.   We can usually “conceive” correlations by adjusting our starting points.  Look back a little further and you’ll find that perhaps “correlations” are just “coincidences.”

There you have it.  If there are other posts that you – my readers – especially enjoyed, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments.

Oh – if you’re a precious metals noob, I also suggest your read this essential post from last year:  Precious Metals Charlatans – Freaks of the Industry.






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