2012 – The Year in Kid Dynamite – Most Popular Posts

It’s time to take a look back at the Year That Was on this blog.  In this post, I’ll list the most popular posts of the year, in terms of page views.

1) TVIX – You Mess With the Bull, You Get The Horns

This is one of my favorite posts of the year, as I think I explained as clearly as I possibly can that the “it’s someone else’s fault when things go wrong” investing culture we live in has to end.

2) So You Want To Talk About JP Morgan’s Trading Loss and The London Whale

This post contains a true story – one of my favorites from my past life on Wall Street

3) S&P 500 Completing A Hulkamania Formation

Inspired by a graphic sent to me by my longest-term reader, @BonesNYC, this post is a classic

4) Why Can’t Journalists Who Write About Gambling Understand Math?

It’s rare that a journalist can take simple math concepts and screw them up as badly as this guy did.  A sexy story is much more appealing than facts and math, I guess.

5) TVIX – Not Your Daddy’s Blue Chip

I wrote this one before TVIX imploded – before it even attained a huge premium to NAV.

6) Why Bill Ackman Is Wrong About Herbalife

I just wrote this post, and it’s gotten some good distribution

7 In Depth Look Inside the Bourbon Street Bead Trading Pit

This post is from early 2011, but it still shows up on my “most read” list because it somehow continues to dominate search results for relevant terms like “bourbon street.”  It might make you laugh a little bit…

8) On Einhorn and Herbalife

This post is actually a pretty cool documentation of my real-time thoughts and analysis of a trade – one that I quickly realized I had screwed up.

9) When I Was Your Age… You Young WhipperSnappers Have No Idea

ahhh… read it, and reminisce…


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