2011 – The Year in Kid Dynamite – My Favorite Posts 2/2

Here’s part II of my favorite posts that I wrote in 2011 – from the second half of the year.  Part I, in case you missed it, was here.  What was your favorite post from this blog in 2011?  Leave it in the comments.

Regret Has No Place In Your Portfolio – Always leave yourself outs.

Oh The Horror, Your Indices Are All Wrong – But don’t fret, it doesn’t matter

Congratulations Silver Warriors! (That’s Called Sarcasm) – Record profits for JP Morgan

Game Theory In Action – SunPower Tender Dynamics – This one was interesting

Real Life Inception (Or: How I Got the DJ To Play The Humpty Dance) – really happened – Chicago

Margin Hikes Do Not Deter Futures Longs From Standing For Delivery – corrections for the silverbugs

Price “Smackdowns” Do Not Deter Futures Longs From Standing For Delivery – more corrections for the silverbugs

A Trader Is Not Supposed to Try to Be William Wallace – HOLLLLLD!

Dear Direxion, You Know What Happens at a $BRIS, Right?  facepalm

Why Do We Import Labor When We Have 14MM Unemployed People In The US?

Dreams Can Come True – One of my favorite Google search results for this blog: Sideline pee

Don’t Try To Trade The News Unless You Know Exactly What You are Doing – Or you will be someone else’s alpha.  read the related post too.

Did You Hear the One About the $29 Trillion Bailout – cliff notes: nonsense!

Thanks again to my readers for a great year.


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