2011 – The Year in Kid Dynamite – My Favorite Posts 1/2

First of all, I’d LOVE to hear from my readers what YOUR favorite Kid Dynamite post/posts of 2011 were.   Of course, the posts I most enjoyed weren’t always the most popular.  Here are some of my favorites, in chronological order:


Vegas 2011 Part II  I only made one Vegas trip this year, sadly.

If I Had a Nickel – Still a slam dunk, principal protected arbitrage trade… although the nickel is currently only worth 5.07 cents

Why Do Fax Machine’s Still Exist?  Don’t try to answer the question – there is no good answer

Gold Collateral and 42 Wild Italians – One of many examples of nonsense spread by the precious metals community

What’s in a Name?  Pseudonymous is NOT Anonymous.

Live College Sex Show!  This post makes me laugh every time I read it.  It is suitable for work.

What American Idol Taught Me About Confirmation Bias – If you can learn one thing in 2012, I’d suggest learning how to avoid confirmation bias.

The Pete Rose Slide and Dogs Puking In Bed – This post would be a world class one if I actually had a picture of the pose Mrs. Dynamite was in as she held Mr. Griffey over the edge of the bed in the Pete Rose Slide pose.

Algos Gone Wild – Stupid Computers are Good for Smart People – their loss is your gain

An Entry Level Toilet – This is another post that makes me laugh every time I read it.  Seriously – this post doesn’t make you laugh?  sorry….

The Bourbon Street Bead Trading Pit




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