2011 – The Year In Kid Dynamite – Most Popular Posts

Taking a quick look back at 2011’s posts. (and I apologize for my missing historical comments – we have been working on months getting this fixed)

Today, the most popular:

1) Losing $ 2B Without Anyone Knowing About it is Harder Than You Think – The UBS rogue trader scandal

2) The CME Margin Hike That Has Everyone In a Tizzy – Reality isn’t nearly as exciting as ludicrous conspiracy theories based on a complete lack of understanding of how markets function.

3) Why Are You Making Such a Big Deal About Alessio Rastani?  Some trader said some unspectacular stuff on TV, and everyone went nuts about it.

4) Sprott To Launch Silver Bullion Mutual Fund – But Why?  More from The Master of Silver Psychology, Eric Sprott.

5) So You Still Think JP Morgan Is Short Billions of Ounces of Silver?  cliff notes:  they’re not

6) PSLV – Sprott Registers to Sell it to You, Sucka – It couldn’t be any clearer

7) Ask Eric Sprott Why He Won’t Buy More Silver for PSLV – Rhetorical question – it’s because he was busy selling all of his shares first.  Now, of course, he’s filed the shelf, and will eventually buy more silver  and sell more shares as he gets demand for them.

8 ) Norislk Nickel – Anatomy of a Russian Odd Lot Arbitrage Trade.  This one worked!

9) On Misinterpreting PSLV’s Premium to NAV – This piece is still a must read for all of the poor suckers who are about to get a rude awakening when PSLV actually does a secondary (24+% premium to NAV today!).


thanks to my readers for all of the feedback and interaction in 2011.


disclosure: NO positions in $PSLV or $NISLY

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